Obtained Multiple Technological Patents,
Trademarks, and Quality Certification


From the design and development stage to the testing stage to completion, multiple technological patents and product trademarks have been obtained.
It has won the implementation plan award in the CITD product development and design category for the years 2009 and 2011, hosted by the Industrial
Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs. This innovative automatic vehicle cleaning machine has also passed a technical examination by the
same organization. ( This product has obtained multiple technological patents and certifications, counterfeiting will be prosecuted )



Sale Performance

Since on the market, it has been successfully exported to countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East region, providing automatic cleaning services for major motorbike manufacturers including Japanese brands HONDA, SUZUKI, Vespa, etc.

A HONDA dealer in Vietnam set the record for continuously cleaning more than 8000 vehicles in a single month.

Applicable Businesses


Applicable Businesses:Motorcycle stores、service businesses、automobile companies、motorcycle dealers、
petrol stations、vehicle cleaning stores、franchise stores、composite stores
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