Motorbike Washer

This product has obtained multiple technological patents and certifications.

  • 1
    He world’s first, patent model, cleaning capability more comprehensive and powerful than ever!
  • 2
    Installation and maintenance are easy, user-friendly interface can be set and selected easily.
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    Ultra-powerful cleaning, water jet cleaning throughout the course ensures that the body of the vehicle is unharmed.
  • 4
    One-piece body made of reinforced plates, it is permanently durable with safety guarantee.
  • 5
    Wide variety of applications and meets the return requirements of the investment!


Customer Service



Space Conscious Design, With a Compact Arrangement of Facilities


The entire machine only requires an area of 1.69 pings, thus avoiding inconveniences due to land preparation, drainage, and spatial restrictions. Its design is similar to that of domestic electronic appliances, and installation and maintenance are easy. When necessary, it can be directly lifted and moved.

Quick installation with water, electricity, and compressor, wash motorbike immediately!

Machine dimensions (Standard): L2540mm, W2200mm, H2380mm
Machine dimensions (Lengthened): L3000mm, W2200mm, H2380mm.

Intelligent Control


Accurate cleaning and simple operation are realized by the implementation of a PLC (programmable logic controller) system together with a 7-inch color screen interface. Varying cleaning requirements and a range of vehicle models can be selected and set through the user-friendly interface.

It can also be used as a coin-operated self-service machine, where the cleaning way and charge way can be set and adjusted.



High Performance Water Jet


The device uses high pressure rotating water jets in a wide range of angles on both sides to achieve full coverage, thus enabling cleaning of hard-to reach corners. The machine uses imported ceramic water jet nozzles. It features an ultra-powerful cleaning capability along with a long service life under high pressure.

Cleaning pressure: typically 25-30 kg/cm2; maximum 40-50 kg/cm2.

Eye-catching Appearance


The entire machine is covered by an enhanced powder coating, and therefore possesses an appealing appearance. The design features splendid SPA lighting and a large viewing window made of reinforced glass. Not only can the entire cleaning process be seen at a glance but night time cleaning proves to be an extraordinary experience, as if enjoying a dazzling SPA!

Pure water jet cleaning: 40sec/vehicle at the fastest(can be set); multi-stage cleaning: normally about 210 sec/vehicle (can be set).



Dense foam as snowflakes for washing dirt off


Specialized cleaner and fragrant wax is specific for bikes. Dense foam as snowflakes for washing dirt off, and then perfectly clean bike.

With original chemical : 5G / bucket can wash automatically approx. 2000 bikes.

Robust and Durable
Safety Guarantee


Features a specially designed one-piece body made of reinforced steel plates (optional stainless steel). Power is supplied by pumps and motors custom made in Taiwan. Except for normal wear and tear parts, it is permanently durable.

Designed with anti-collision safety door and parking guide rod. Simply put down the stand to park the motorbike before beginning cleaning. Parking is easy and secure. Any safety concerns during the cleaning process are avoided. Water jet cleaning throughout the course ensures that the body of the vehicle is unharmed.

Power requirement: 7HP; single phase 220V, or three phase 220V / 380V.This innovative product has passed a technical safety performance examination by the Industrial Development Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs and with the CE certification.





Wash up 99 % Type of all Bikes. Wide Application, High Rate of Return


The patient body design can accommodate vehicles ranging from bicycles to electric vehicles to imported heavy motor vehicles, it is wide application, wash up 99 % type of all bikes. It can be customized and used for other purposes, such as disinfecting and cleaning of medical assistive devices, wheeled mobility devices, machinery parts, etc.

The multi-stage cleaning program enables the user to choose the most effective and the fastest cleaning mode appropriate for the vehicle. The precise and low cleaning cost achieves energy savings and meets the return requirement of the investment!

The maximum cleanable vehicle size is : L2400mm, W1200mm, H1800mm
Water consumption: Pure water jet cleaning approx. 60L/vehicle; multi-stage cleaning approx. 100L/vehicle (depending on setting).