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Bike Spa & Boo Boo spa are the brands name of full automatic motorbike washer that are developed and produced by Ming Chen International Business Co., Ltd. It is also the world’s first professional manufacturing and sales team in locomotive washing machine. We are currently marketing more than 30 countries around the world, providing complete OED, OBM, ODM and retail services according to the leading technology, stable quality and performance, and grant franchise to help customers create their own brand of business. We believe that the automatic motorbike washer will be an indispensable product in the city under the trend of intensive development, energy saving and environmental protection because our product can provide a simple, fast, safe cleaning space and value-added for cleaning process.


Affordable Price and High Quality.


Therefore, we continue to improve product performance and provide all kinds of fully-automatic motorbike washer with affordable price and high quality for customers. We expect to provide the auto clean service for all motorbike riders with more convenient and more effective way.

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Do you want to create a brand belonging to your own career?
There is a huge business opportunity for motorbike in the world, we help you to create a brand with OEM or ODM

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World Distributors


Mingchen’s product, automatic motorbike washer, with booboospa and bikespa brand is worldwide!
World Distributors:Switzerland、Poland, Israel, the United States, Chile, South Africa, Brazil, Germany,Finland,
Australia, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Colombia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, South Sudan, Greece, France,
Ecuador, Bermuda, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, Taiwan